Sàpopa is an Italian activewear brand for stylish performers.
Men and women sport apparel re-edited for contemporary requirements.
Apparel for sports people, not only for sports.
everyday performing apparel.


Put the emphasis on that which is beautiful rather than technical.
In a world of technical clothing that has always affected the image for the performance.
Sàpopa believes that sport can make the world a better place.
Sàpopa wants to integrate sport in everyday life with a sense of style. 
Sàpopa makes beautifully Italian technical activewear.
Sàpopa speaks to people who know what’s best and want to stand out.


Piero Righetto 

Founder, addicted to sports
I believe there is a magical interaction between the body and physical activity,
a unique flow of energy that keeps your mind awake
and allows you to expand your limits and possibilities.
I believe in sweating in all its form,
I stand up for challenges and inspirational actions.
Stay busy and have a good work out!

Elena Ghisolfi 

Founder, Art director
I always felt like a picture of myself.
I redesign what I want to be every day through my clothes.
Free spirit and hearty laugh lover.