Novità sleggings

€75,00 EUR


Printed Lycra Emana Performing Leggins : the stretch and strength of lycra/spandex teamed with unique breathability and temperature regulation properties make this item the ultimate exercise partner. It interacts with and stimulates your body whatever your chosen sport.
A state-of-the-art fabric that works on the synergy between the garment and the body to promote thermoregulation and maintain body temperature levels constant during exercise. The unique micro-circulation regulating properties also renders skin more compact and elastic. Anti bactirial, anti-odor.
Exclusive Slegging Style by Sàpopa combining leggings and skirt shapes to let you perform with style.

Fabric Structure

75% recycle poliamide
25% elastan
Printed lycra

100% Made In Italy

The fabrics are of high quality; we are continuously searching to always offer the best to our customers: chic and elegant products made with precious materials

Care Guide

Check the garment's label, set up a cold, gentle cycle and pick a mild detergent.

Wash & Air Dry - Avoid the Iron

Gym tights from the future

Inspired by and mainly dedicated to dance-related sports and workouts, Sapopa Sleggings is a patented, upgraded version of gym tights, merging French corsetry, Italian tailoring and textile technology into one statement item fit for active living. Its signature half skirt on the back - combined with improved structure and luxury Italian fabrics – make the Sleggings the first and only premium sports leggings to blend activewear with high-street fashion.

Strong and Proud

Confidence Boost

The notion of a free and independent woman who is self-aware and
body-confident - as our bodies are healthy and perfect no matter what
size we wear - and the fight against prejudice and stigma, especially
body shaming and exploitation of women’s bodies.

Comfortable and Practical

Perfect Fit

Sapopa’s Sleggings was designed to ensure a fit naturally
complimenting curviness that feels comfortable and practical at all
times of the day, including your free time. The unique, trademarked
design with the incorporated skirt is an invitation to move and shake to
the rhythm of positivity and flaunt your personal style.