Sapopa Founder Piero Righetto and Elena Ghisolfi

Founded in 2016 by Piero Righetto and Maria Elena Ghisolfi – who bring to the project their respective experience in the sports and the fashion industries - Sapopa is a premium sportswear and athleisure brand combining trademark Italian design and sartorial excellence, textile research and innovation, performance and sustainability: an all-encompassing lifestyle project focussed on the value of physical activity in all areas of life.

Sapopa is a reinterpretation of an ancient Sanskrit word that describes an instinctive approach to everyday life, to which the brand’s notion of movement understood as a harmonious connection between body, mind and the individual is inspired. This vision underlies the design of activewear that is unique in terms of materials, fit and style, conceived with body inclusivity and individual requirements in mind. Our durable, top quality garments are designed to meet contemporary tastes and lifestyles, as well as versatility of wear, following the principles of functionality and adaptability before, during and after training.

A truly iconic total look made up of individual pieces, the key garments of athleisure wear such as leggings, crop top and tank tops, sweatshirts, skirts and specific wear for different sport disciplines such as tennis, yoga, pole dance and gym training.


Physical activity as an expression of self through the body, movement conceived in its kinetic and spiritual totality, mental attitude towards achieving one’s daily objective, sport as a way to attain global well-being and social inclusivity, collective and individual responsibility towards the environment and the others; the spirit of community: these are the cornerstones of the project with which Sapopa promotes a view of activewear as a kind of uniform for those who choose a lifestyle that improves their lives and inspires them every day.
Not only leggings, tops, tank tops and sports sweatshirts made to the highest standards of Italian tailoring and textile innovation at the service of performance during training, but a complete wardrobe designed to express active lifestyle at all times.


“What’s your goal for today?” This is the question that we at Sapopa ask ourselves and our community everyday: we are mindful of the present moment, which motivates and inspires us to experience sport both as a right and as a personal duty. In Sapopa’s philosophy, the concept of training takes on a broader value, identifying in physical activity the balance between training, self-care and pushing one’s limits, allowing you to achieve your personal goals in all areas of life.

This is why the brand's manifesto is based on a broad set of principles: Made in Italy excellence and innovation at the service of sustainability, performance and perfect fit, maximising comfort and encouraging self-empowerment, as well as body positivity and inclusivity also promoted through a programme of classes dedicated to disciplines that best express the brand’s core values. Among these, yoga, pole dance, other dance-related disciplines such as voguing, as well as tennis, running and all types of workout both in the gym and outdoor.